Saturday, April 3, 2010

From Falcon Tour Blogger Annie Lawer: 1st full day in Germany!

Hey everyone! This is Annie Lawler (a senior at CV) writing you from Germany! That's right, we made it safe and sound, and had an excellent first day here. The flight over was quite smooth and was filled with entertainment :). We each had a personal screen in the seat back in front of us so we could watch a huge selection of movies and TV shows or even listen to the CD's they provided. We landed nearly an hour ahead of schedule and on the way to the hotel enjoyed a short tour of Munich. Later that night we had an amazing Bavarian dinner at the hotel before knocking out for the night ... or most of it at least. Most of us experienced a not so wanted case of waking up at 3 in the morning unable to fall back asleep for at least an hour. I'm looking forward to tonight when we'll all really get some sleep. Today we went on a real tour of Munich, seeing the grounds where they held the olympics in the 70's, the english gardens, and the glokenspiel. We then had the afternoon completley to ourselves to do whatever we wanted. Most people ended up going into a few of the magnificently ornate churches and at least one museum. There was so much to do, on so little sleep it was a little overwelming. At 6 we got back together for dinner at the Augustiner. We all had an amazing day and are really looking forward to tomorrow when we'll have our first preformance at St. Lucas cathedral. Hoping to figure out this crazy keyboard and how to put pictures up soon, I'll write more tomorrow after a good long night of sleep.
Auf Wiedersehen!
Annie :)

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