Monday, April 12, 2010

The Falcon Choirs in the Press: Translation of the article (Thüringer Allgemeine)

Here is a translation for parts of the article (Thüringer Allgemeine):

Take 43 young and talented singers from the USA, a fully occupied wedding church and wonderful spring weather – what more could you need for a successful choir concert?

The travels from California went smoothly, all the way until shortly before Dornheim. Then, there was a closed railway barrier that no one had expected, thus making the concert start late yesterday, in the Bach wedding church, St. Bartholomäus. Luckily, nobody was bothered, because they were all very excited about the opportunity – both the audience, as well as the singers. […]

[…] There was an immediate connection between the choir and the audience yesterday. The young American singers showed that they can not only sing, but that they have fun while singing as well. After the concert there was coffee and cake in the Bachstübchen - and a donation from the choir to the society. The fact that the railway barrier was still closed, again, seemed to bother no one.

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