Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Germany Day 7

Hello again everyone. I have to write quickly because our curfew is in only a couple minutes, but i wanted to let you know what happened today. Today we went to the city that Bach first worked in. He was an accompanist in a beautiful church, which we sang a couple songs in. Then we went to the church that Bach actually got married in. We had a full concert for a HUGE audience. The tiny church was packed. The audience was so appreciative, they really enjoyed our preformance. I love German audiences. Our preformance went great, and then we had a reception with the Bach historical society. It was a long drive to and from where we were preforming, but it wasn't so bad. The drive was absolutly beautiful. We went through a beautiful coutryside. It was the second most beautiful drive yet. (The one to the castle a couple days ago was the most beautiful. Right by the Alps.) We're staying at the same place tomight and are leaving tomorrow for Berlin. It'll be our last long drive of the trip. It's strange, time really does fly when you're having fun. :)

<3 Annie Lawler


  1. Thanks for the running commentary -- it sounds like everything couldn't go any better! One question -- whatever happened to Cody blogging on here, too? And uploading some pictures? Is he being a huge slacker, or what?!? :)

  2. Oh no, not a slacker at all, just technical difficulties on our end. Warmest Sandra from Incantato