Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Days 5 and 6 in Germany

Hello. Annie Lawler here again. The last hotel we stayed at didn't have internet, so I'll have to fill you all in on the last couple days. :) . On mondy we left Munich bright and early for our long day of driving. Our first stop, after a couple hours on the bus, was Neuschwanstein, the castle disney modeled their castle after. It was beautiful on the outside and even better on the inside. And as if walking up to this magestic castle wasn't enough of a magical experiance, it started to snow as we got close to it. It was perfect and magical. We toured the castle, and unfortunatly wern't allowed to take pictures inside the castle, so parents, you'll just have to visit it yourselves to see it. :). Then it was back on the bus to get to a beautiful church in Steingaden. We preformed in our casual/nice attire to a small audience at first, but one that kept growing as the concert progressed. We spent only a few minutes at the church after that because we had to move out once again in order to make it to Rottenburg on time for our night tour of the midevil city. We were picked up at out hotel by someone dressed as the 'night watchman' that the old city would have had. We walked around and he told us stories and facts. It was a great day.

Then it was Tuesday. We had the whole morning to run around Rottenburg and do what we pleased. Many of u tried a 'snowball'. They are a Rottenburg specialty that's bacically doughnut batter fried and put into the shape of a ball before being dippen in chocolate. There was also one of the largest christmas stores in the world in that small town, and the midevil crime museum. There was so much to do and see, no one wanted to leave, but we had to go on to our next destination. Chemnitz. After 4 long hours on the bus, we finally arived with just enough time to change into our concert dress and run off to the church where we were preforming. The concert had over 100 people in attendance! And it wass absolutly beautiful. We performed very well and were all very happy with how the concert went. We're all beginning to feel the tour catching up with us, and are quite tired this morning, but we're all looking forward to the days events. Today we'll see where Bach grew up and lived his life. It'll be a great day

<3 Annie Lawler

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